Introducing an innovative solution for creating and managing the content of information screens. When creating the system, we put maximum emphasis on ease of use.

Creativity without borders

One screen - lots of information

The uniqueness of the Datavision system lies in displaying more information simultaneously on the screen by dividing the image into several independent parts so that the viewer is always interested or helped by the broadcast content.

Most importantly, the screen content can be controlled from any location with an internet connection.

  • Bring your idea to life

Need to impress your customers? Would you like to distribute content that fits your ideas and needs? Do you want to be in control of the information that reaches your customers? With “Datavision” it’s easy!

Get creative

You don’t have to limit yourself at all. Combine text, image, data and various other information into one screen and reach your customers with a modern and dynamic offer of your services!

And most importantly...


As we are the manufacturer of the system, we can adapt it to almost any requirements of our customers. When programming, we place the greatest emphasis on quick and easy operation, which will give our customers the greatest effect while keeping operating costs low. In practice, this can also mean displaying data that customers already have stored somewhere, saving them time and money. 


Datavision - digital signage

Basic modules

The current time
displays the current time


the current date with the option to display the year and day names (other language, abbreviations...)

Nameday, holidays

display name or holiday in the calendar - CZ/SK version

Weather forecast

current weather as well as the forecast for several days ahead

Text field

format the text, including headings, as you are used to in text editors such as WORD etc., add an image and paste it on the screen...

Subtitles, ticker

add moving text from right to left or bottom to top with an effective logo or separator between messages

Images, galleries

displays individual images or entire galleries with one of the preset swap effects...


Play videos from YOUTUBE channels individually or several in a row


displays HTML code from web page or individual code prepared directly for presentation

Google calendar

displays information from your GOOGLE calendar about the current day or all consecutive events, including date, time. Goes through the events that are currently happening at the time...

RSS feed

displays RSS news from news servers in the form of short messages as NEWS TICKER

Special modules

customized modules - display of current menus, custom image galleries, information from custom databases, web pages, etc.

And what's more?


in reality

Our customers

We believe in what we do

Our satisfied clients include mainly hotel establishments, schools, and municipal authorities. However, our dynamic presentations can also be found on client screens in the reception areas of companies in all market segments.

Do you want to use our services and join the DATAVISION family?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to get back to you soon!


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